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What is Tiles?

It is the design of the material which is produced as a result of blending the soil with various blends after the pressing process. The resultant wall covering material is called tile. The tiles consist of the raw material of the mud (tile) resulting from the mixing of limestone, clay, quartz, kaolin and feldspar and similar metals at different ratios. Porcelain tile is the general name of the materials we call ceramic.

The tile word came from the Faenza city of Italy. Faenza's ceramics are world famous. VII. tiles have been produced and used in eastern countries since the beginning of a hundred years. Later on, the Arab merchants passed on to Sicily and Spain.
Thus, it spread quickly in Europe. Nowadays, when it passed the word tiles from Italy, Spain and Turkey that our country may seem as a pioneer in this business;

Today tile industry pioneer countries, mainly Spain, Italy and Turkey that is our beautiful country. Previously produced tile models were produced with simple flower patterns on white background or with very simple patterns resembling floral designs. The pressed tiles are given to the ovens after being glazed and ready to be cooked. The biggest differences between ceramic tiles and tiles are;
Transitions are prints and colors.

What is Ceramic?

The history of the ceramics is based on very ancient histories. With the discovery of fever, mankind began to cook food, and the need to store these foods became the most important role in the invention of ceramics. Various methods have been tried to preserve the food, but as a result, ceramics have emerged with the use of soil, which is more suitable for this work.

Ceramics are the rare materials that used to gain value from day to day without losing value until this time.
Once upon a time, teflon pans and pots were quite popular. However, as the understanding that it is harmful causes the most dangerous disease today like cancer, it started to take its place with ceramic coated pans and pots.
Ceramic products that are not harmful to human health because they are made of natural materials are a favorite in our kitchens and in the areas we will decorate.

In areas such as kitchens, toilets, bathrooms and corridors, it is almost impossible to find a home without ceramic tile, a shop and an office.
It is very easy to clean and very chic is the main reason why people are so preferred.
Nowadays, ceramics designed with special effects with the contribution of technology have been preferred instead of parquet in the halls.
As the day progressed, the increase in interest in various colors in the progress of the technology led to the increase in the number of model choices in ceramics, thus increasing the demand for ceramics.

The quality of your ceremony is also an important factor. It is necessary to pay attention to the suitability and properties of the place to be applied.
Therefore, if you want to make ceramic flooring with long life quality and problem-free, you can get the best result with our experienced craftsmen as the one-to-one correspondence with the master from


The Difference Between Ceramic and Tiles

Since the tiles usually have a smooth and smooth surface,
Kitchen and bathroom are more preferred on the walls. Ceramics, on the other hand, have more diversity and a wide range of products. They may not be in the form of tiles, as they are often found in tiles.
Since the ceramics have a production way, details and a rough surface, the view according to the tile is different. Therefore, their colors are warmer and sincere.
For these reasons, we can say that indoor and outdoor spaces are preferred for ceramic tiles and façades for walls.

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